NOW ACCEPTING Applicants to become Accredited Technical Service Providers

July 28, 2014
Last day to submit application
About the Program Learn more about the ATSP Revolving Fund The Accreditation Program for Technical Service Providers (ATSP) of the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) is a support program for small water utilities.Through TEAM ATSP, small water utilities will get access to expert advice and mentoring on technical, financial, and management matters like strategic and investment planning.

Team ATSP consultants are experts in their field. They are trained in NWRB rules and policies, the 5-year tariff methodology, and other aspects of small water utilities operations.
Part of the assistance being offered to small water utilities is the ATSP Revolving Fund. This feature of the program allows small water utilities to obtain a loan to pay for consulting fess of Team ATSP.

ATSP was developed with assistance from the World Bank's Water and Sanitation Program.

For more details on the background and rationale of the project, click here.